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War is what happens when language fails – Margaret Atwood

The Author



I’m just a book lover making my way through as many books as I can. There isn’t a genre I dislike, only genres I haven’t explored fully. I read mostly young adult books, but I’m determined to read more adult fantasy and science fiction. New Adult literature is quickly becoming a favourite of mine and I’ve also been diving into the psychological thriller genre a lot lately as well.

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**Yes I am aware that echoes is spelled wrong in the site name, but I’m not perfect and nor do I pretend to be. Imperfections are what make the world beautiful, so embrace your imperfections!

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Please note that I will post my review here, on my blog, on Goodreads, Amazon, and any other site I have reasonable access to. I also prefer physical copies over eBooks, however I will make exceptions for books I really want to read (this doesn’t happen that often though).


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