5 star

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After reconnecting with one of her sisters, Kai Brecken and her crew find themselves once again in a fight for their lives.

With a new threat on the horizon they need to move quickly – the fate of humanity rests firmly in their hands and the only one who can stop it needs rescuing.

SYX: Children of Drekin is a fantastic sequel that is chockfull of great Science Fiction action.

SYX follows Kai and her crew as they team up with the Rebels to find Ryn. While searching for leads, they uncover a distress beacon and a message from someone named Dayli. Kai immediately believes that message was from her sister, so her and her crew jump into the action.

It’s been some time since I’ve read the first novel, TYR, but I had no problem remembering the characters or where the story left off. From the beginning of the novel to the end, the pace is electric. Kai and her crew are put into crazy situations that they have to take as they come and survive. The situations that they encounter are action packed and creepy. Tupper’s writing is clear and concise in what she’s describing, which makes it easy to imagine. This world she’s created has a Science Fiction Horror feel. The scary moments feel spine chilling and real.

Kai becomes a fully developed and complex character by the end of the novel. She’s forced to deal with being reunited with her sister, not understanding the woman she’s become versus the girl she knew, and the consequences of her actions in the previous novel. What I found most interesting about Kai was her inability to understand why her sister would want to return to the life of abuse Kai saved her from. Kai’s most telling weakness as a person is her need to save everyone, even when they’re resistant.

Kai and Hawthorne have the potential to be a fun and sexy addition to this world, but they don’t quite make it. I wish there would have been more banter between the two to play up the sexual tense that’s building.

I absolutely loved the introduction of Syx and Dayli. Syx is an interesting character in that he brings an element of mystery to the story. In the few perspective chapters featured in the novel, the reader is given a clear sense of who he is as a character. The same can be said about Dayli. Despite her young age, she’s a headstrong, stubborn girl who has no qualms about saving herself or anyone else.

As for all the other characters, they sort of blend into the background. The rest of Kai’s crew are present throughout the entire novel, but their personalities aren’t felt as strongly as Kai, Hawthorne, Syx, and Dayli. They were just sort of there. Lilith, who is barely in the novel, was more noticeable more than the crew.


Overall, SYX is a great sequel that kept me glued to the pages. Kai is a great main character because she’s so relatable. She’s been through more than most will ever have to live through, but her devotion to those she loves in unshakable. I would absolutely recommend this trilogy to fans of Science Fiction looking for an action packed story.



**I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.