I picked this up after falling in love with the CW’s Riverdale. Unfortunately, this was an absolute disappointment.
In my youth, I would occasionally pick up the Archie comics in the Reader’s Digest. I don’t think I fully understood what was going on, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. So, after watching Riverdale and falling in love with the characters and storyline I knew I had to pick up some more Archie comics, so when I found out Fiona Staples was the illustrator I knew I had to start there. Unfortunately, she only illustrated three issues. The fourth issue’s illustrations are so different from Staples that it’s jarring and almost persuaded me to stop reading.

The story is juvenile. I don’t know what I was expecting from an Archie comic, but it wasn’t something this juvenile, mundane, and boring. The story centers around Archie and Betty’s breakup over the #lipstickincident. The reveal of that incident made me role my eyes.

Overall, I was expecting something as fascinating and intriguing as the TV show, but was given a mundane story line and caricature and stereotypical characters. I don’t think Archie comics are for me. Oh well!