3 star

We Stand on Guard is a snapshot of a war between Canada and the United States. When I say snapshot, I really mean a very small sliver of a much bigger story.
As exciting as the story is, unfortunately, it isn’t developed enough. The story itself and the characters are explored very little. The story seems incomplete because We Stand on Guard is a snapshot of a much larger story. The characters are one dimensional and don’t allow the reader to become truly invested in their future.

What makes We Stand on Guard so interesting is its weakness: a snapshot of a larger story that doesn’t exist. I enjoyed jumping into the middle of a larger story to experience a small moment within it. I wish there was more, but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

The illustrations are clean and simple. I’m not a fan of overly artistic illustrations, so I really enjoyed the simplicity of the drawings in this comic.

Overall, We Stand on Guard is a fun snapshot of a war between Canada and The United States. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone looking for something grand and engaging. Suffice to say, I’m glad I rented it from the library instead of buying it.