6547258-25 star

Wow. What an incredible novel. Probably one of the best crafted stories/worlds I’ve ever read. Brandon Sanderson is an amazing writer.

What makes The Final Empire such an incredible novel is the writing. It’s accessible and doesn’t feel dense like other fantasy novels. Sanderson’s dialogue is believable and not over written. His ability to drop subtle hints and foreshadowing is beautifully woven throughout the text.

The magic system in this world astounded me. I couldn’t stop telling everyone I knew about it. It’s truly unique and awe inspiring.

The characters are three dimensional and fleshed out. I was absolutely devastated about an event that happens at the end of the novel that I was actually crying. I’ve never read a fantasy novel that made me cry.

Overall, The Final Empire is truly a masterpiece in the fantasy genre. Brandon Sanderson knows how to construct a multifaceted world, intriguing characters, and a unique magic system through accessible writing that will keep you fascinated until the end.