5 star

Too Late is not for everyone. It’s disturbing, uncomfortable, and downright fucked up.

Trigger warning for rape, sexual and physical abuse, drugs, and disturbing moments.

Too Late follows Sloan as she’s forced to sacrifice everything about herself for the wellbeing of her little brother. It isn’t until she meets Carter that she realizes that she doesn’t have to sacrifice everything.

At the beginning of the novel there’s a foreword by Colleen Hoover explaining the origins of the book and why she published under C. Hoover rather than her full name. It got me into the mindset I needed to be to read this story because it’s mature and explicit. It also explains the issue I had with the book’s ending. It feels detached from the rest of the novel and a little confusing. In the foreword, Hoover mentions she published this novel in the order she published it on Wattpad so that readers could experience it the way Wattpad readers experienced it in realtime.

Sloan’s story is hard to read. I had to put the book down many times in order to distance myself from that kind of abuse. Unfortunately, this kind of abuse is a reality for many women. So, I wish Hoover would have put information at the back of the book about violence against women and who to contact for help, etc (the kind of information always found at the back of Ellen Hopkins’ books).

Overall, Too Late is an incredibly intense novel that isn’t meant for everyone. It features a story about a young woman who sacrifices everything about herself for someone else. That kind of sacrifice is rare and the consequences are dire. I rated this novel five stars based solely on my reaction to the story and characters. It made me gasp audibly and put distance between myself and the novel, but not just because it was disturbing. I had put distance because I connected with Sloan and Carter wholeheartedly.