Fire in you is an adult romance that features all the cliches you expect, but uses them as a strength rather than a weakness.

Fire in You follows Jillian as she finally decides to take a position at her family’s business. Once there, she runs into her childhood best friend, Brock. After a devastating incident in the past, Jillian hasn’t spoken to Brock in years. Now she has to decide if she can move on from the past into an uncertain future.

As mentioned previously, Fire in You features all the cliches normally found in a romance: misunderstandings, lack of sexual history, sexual prowess, etc. However, they’re used as a strengths. Each of the cliches aren’t featured prominently. They’re used in subtle ways that enhance the characters and story.

The chemistry between Jillian and Brock is explosive most of the time, but there are a few scenes that come off as flat.
Also, the resolution of their relationship and the story is rushed and doesn’t feel realistic. For that reason I rated the novel four instead of five stars

Overall, Fire in You is a great romance novel that doesn’t flaunt its use of cliches and features complex characters with sizzling chemistry.