I’ve come to realize that romance sequels are not for me. I love the build up to a relationship between characters. I love the angst, the uncertainty, and the leaps of faiths the characters have to do to find happiness. Once that happiness is found, I’m satisfied. 

Despite my rather low star rating, Effortless is a good book. If you enjoyed its predecessor, Thoughtless, you will love its sequel. Kellan and Kiera are the same flawed characters that are discovering themselves and what it means to love someone so fully that there isn’t room for anyone else. 

My issue with romance sequels in general is that they feel useless. The misunderstandings that lead to heartbreak and betrayal feel contrived for the sake of having more story. Effortless falls victim to those contrived plot lines. 

What I enjoyed most about this book was seeing Kiera in relation to other characters and the expansion of those characters. Without spoiling, Anna is a fascinating character that I’d love to read a novel from her perspective.  

Overall, Effortless is a good book however I’m not a fan of romance sequels. They feel contrived and are missing the angst and uncertainty. If you enjoyed Thoughtless you will enjoy Effortless.