Her Nightly Embrace surprised me. I was expecting a typical adult mystery novel with decent characters and a mediocre mystery. This book offers much more in regards to the plot, characters, and the future of the series.

Ravi is an interesting character because of his fixation on morality and karma. He’s forced to comprise his own morals and karma everyday that he works as a private investigator. He unwillingly crosses legal and moral lines that eventually lead him to begin seeing visions of Hindu gods. Ravi’s intelligence is conveyed through his work as a private investigator as well as his internal monologue. He’s constantly questioning the moral ambiguity of his job and relating it to his visions and what led him to the point he’s at in his life.The only issue I had with his character is his choice of love interest. I didn’t enjoy her character at all. She felt one-dimensional and stereotypical.

The other characters in the stories aren’t featured as much, however you get a great sense of who they are as characters and their history. They’re all incredibly interesting and made me want to read short stories focused solely on their pasts.

Her Nightly Embrace is multiple mysteries in one book rather than one long mystery. I really appreciated this because I didn’t enjoy the first mystery at all. I was pleasantly surprised when the mystery concluded with almost the entire novel left. Each mystery builds on itself until it creates the perfect storm of a mystery to conclude the novel. Each mystery had me guessing until the last pages and left me satisfied.


Overall, Her Nightly Embrace surprised me in the best ways possible. The mysteries and characters were well written and left me wanting more. I cannot wait to see the television show as well as all the other content that will be generated to create a truly multimedia experience.


**I received this book in exchange for an honest review.