5 star

Thoughtless is a heavily emotional love triangle. It’s probably one of the best love triangle books I’ve ever read. Kiera has to choose between her long time boyfriend, Denny, and her rock star roommate, Kellan.

With most love triangles, there’s always a clear winner. There is never a moment in the book where both options are viable at the same time. Throughout the entirety of Thoughtless I was torn between Kellan and Denny. They’re both on different ends of the personality spectrum: Denny is reliable and safe, whereas Kellan is risky and unpredictable. This vast difference in personalities brings out different personalities in Kiera making her choice all the more difficult.

What makes Thoughtless different from any other love triangle is the amount of guilt it made me feel. In one moment I was would desperately want Kiera to be with Denny, but in the next moment I would desperately want her to be with Kellan. I was constantly flipping between the two men and I felt horrible for doing so. The emotion bleeds off the page and into you so thoroughly as you read that you can’t help but become a part of the story.


Overall, Thoughtless is the best love triangle book I’ve ever read. It will make you swoon, fall in love, break your heart, and make you feel guilt like you’ve never felt it before. If you’re looking for a heavily emotional story, Thoughtless will not disappoint.