3 star

I’m prefacing this review by saying I hated a major plot point, so my star rating reflects my personal opinion rather than typical issues I have with books (i.e. character development, writing, etc.). If I could have enjoyed what happened, I would have rated this book 4.5 or 5 stars because, as you’ll see from my review, everything else about Roomhate was great.

Roomhate follows Justin and Amelia, two best friends who inherit a summer vacation house. The catch? They haven’t spoken in years because of a falling out that left them hating each other.

I went into Roomhate thinking that it would be a fun, lighthearted romance, but it was far from lighthearted and, unfortunately, that was why I didn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted. I expected a fun romance novel about rekindling a friendship and falling in love again with witty and funny banter throughout. This book does deliver what I expected, but with an added serious layer. This serious layer is a major spoiler that I won’t say, but it’s the reason I ended up rating this book 3 instead of 5 stars.

Justin and Amelia’s relationship is everything you look for in best friends to lovers story. They had an instant connection, chemistry that flew off the page, and intense sexual tension. Their interactions were so hilarious that I laughed out loud a few times. As the story progressed, the reader is treated to glimpses of them as children and it is adorable. The few flashbacks that are in the book are fantastic. Justin and Amelia as children are adorable and it’s clear they’re destined to be together in the future. The only problem with the glimpses of the past is how few of them there are. I wish there were more of them because I couldn’t get enough and they really grounded the characters in their relationship.
Also, Justin is as swoon worthy as they come in the first half of the book. He’s devastatingly handsome and cocky. However, the second half of the book his character changes (because of the major spoiler) and I didn’t enjoy him as much as I did in the first half.

Overall, Roomhate was not the book I wanted it to be. If you’re looking for a fun lighthearted romance featuring best friends to lovers with a little animosity thrown in do NOT read this book, as you will be thoroughly disappointed. I would rate the first half of this book 5 stars and the second half 2 stars.