Resurgence follows Mary; a rebellious girl in 1913 who believes her life is destined for more than domestic life. After a disastrous argument with her mother, Mary attempts to crash a plane into her parents’ house. She wakes up in a hospital and is given the choice to accept a secret job opportunity or live the rest of her life in an asylum. Mary is thrown into a world of mysteries and excitement, but she quickly learns that her new life comes at a price: life or death.

Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy Resurgence as much as I thought I would. I thought the story itself was interesting and intriguing; however the pacing and characters development left much to be desired.

The first 100 pages were long and drawn out with a lot of info dump. The reader is grounded in the time period. Mary’s restrictions are clear and are a large pert of what drives her. She’s presented as a rebellious girl who does what she wants regardless of the consequences. She’s intelligent in her deceptions and is successful every time. However, as the book progresses her character regresses. She isn’t as surefooted as she was at the beginning. She walks around with no idea what to do most of the time and defers to everyone around her to solve the problems. She quickly dissolved into an ornament on the wall in the room.

The romance (for lack of a better word) in this story was instalove at best. The love interest, Gresham, is a two dimensional cardboard cutout of a character. He isn’t developed enough to stand on his own. The romance between Mary and Gresham is nonexistent. There is zero chemistry between them making their romantic scenes difficult to read because they are unbelievable.

The main plot of the story wasn’t introduced until around the 100-page mark, which was frustrating because once the mystery was explained I was intrigued. An Indiana Jones type mystery chock full of adventure? Yes please! Unfortunately, the story felt disconnected and moved from one plot point to another as if it was checking off items on a list.


Overall, Resurgence has a strong premise but fell short with the pacing and character development. I wish I could have enjoyed this book more than I did, but I felt disconnected from the characters and the story.


**I received this book in exchange for an honest review.