Now that the Lorien Legacies by Pittacus Lore is finally complete, here my complete spoiler free series review.


The Lorien Legacies is the epic story about a race of teenage aliens hidden on earth. Each of these teenagers have special abilities that will help them in the future to defeat a looming threat.

The first book, I am Number Four, is definitely the weakest book of the series (and don’t get me started on the movie). The reader is introduced to number Four, John, and watches him struggle with wanting to be a normal teenager and the looming threat that dictates his life. This book feels very much like a typical Young Adult book with the ever-present looming threat with a romance thrown in the mix. The real meat of the story doesn’t fully emerge until the second and third books, The Power of Six and The Rise of Nine. Because of this slow start to the story, I know a lot of readers stopped reading so I would encourage those who stopped to finish the series. It is well worth your time.

The character in the series are interesting and made me want to know more about their back stories with each book. However, with so many characters in play only the main characters are fully fleshed out. John and Sam are the characters who undergo the most character development. The characters they are at the beginning of the story are not the ones at the ending.
I wanted to include Six in the characters who are fully fleshed out, but the more I thought about her the more I realized she didn’t undergo any massive changes. She’s still very much the same generic badass female at the end of the story that she was when she was first introduced.
Without going into spoilers, the other characters are given enough depth for the reader to care about them but little else.

The action in this series is second to none. It’s chaotic and confusing, but easy to follow. It’s action that keeps you on the edge of your seat because the reader is able to follow each moment with clarity and the reason for this clarity is the writing style. Pittacus Lore’s writing is precise and clear in its meaning. It’s not overly poetic or flowery because it’s direct. Lore understands his audience and caters to them.

Overall, The Lorien Legacies is an absolutely amazing and action packed series that will please just about any reader. If you’re looking for an easy quick read that’s jam packed with exciting and intense moments, look no further because this series will blow your socks off!