Four out of five stars

The Iron King, dubbed the original Game of Thrones by George R R Martin, follows Philip the Fair at the end of the final trial for the powerful Knights of the Templar.

I’m guilty of reading this because of George R R Martin. The wait for The Winds of Winter is proving to be more difficult than I thought so I grabbed the next best thing.

Throughout the entire book you can clearly see the parallels to A Song of Ice and Fire. I may have read too much into some smaller details, but it was nonetheless fun and exciting to see hints of ASOIAF sprinkled throughout.

With any historical fiction novel you have to go into the book with a bit of knowledge of the time period to really enjoy the story. There were many times I had to refer to the character list and timeline at the beginning of the book to situate myself in the story. So I advise future readers to watch a documentary about Philip the Fair before reading.

Overall, the story was full of intrigue, mystery, and murder. I would definitely recommend this book to fans of ASOIAF and fantasy readers (since historical fiction and fantasy are almost sister genres).