4 out of 5 stars

“She managed to amass a collection of a thousand pieces, each one hand-selected for its historical value and beauty, and then turn her apartment into a masterpiece that you could sit back and enjoy. She wasn’t just a collector, she was a curator.”

He Will Be My Ruin follows Maggie as she’s forced to close her best friend’s, Celine, estate after she committed suicide. As she’s going through Celine’s items, she realizes that she didn’t know her as well as she thought. Secrets are revealed and ambitions uncovered. Did she commit suicide or was it murder?

I read this book in almost one sitting. It hooked me from the first page to the last. The mystery is complex with many twists and turns I didn’t see coming.

Maggie is a headstrong and, at times, a naive character. Her friendship with Celine is fascinating. The beginning of the book is strictly told from Maggie’s perspective. So, the reader gets Maggie’s insights on their friendship. It isn’t until later in the book that Maggie realizes that Celine had different thoughts about their friendship.

The only issue I had with this book, and the reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars, was the marketing. Before it was released, it was being marketed as a dark psychological thriller, which it is most definitely not. I, personally, would classify this as a mystery. So, this skewed my expectations making me a little disappointed once I finished the book. However, that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the book. I most certainly did.

Overall, He Will Be My Ruin is a great mystery read chalk full of scandalous secrets, missing Chinese vases, and suspicious men.