Thus, bestselling author Philippa Gregory introduces one of her most unforgettable heroines: Katherine of Aragon. Known to history as the Queen who was pushed off her throne by Anne Boleyn, here is a Katherine the world has forgotten: the enchanting princess that all England loved. First married to Henry VIII’s older brother, Arthur, Katherine’s passion turns their arranged marriage into a love match; but when Arthur dies, the merciless English court and her ambitious parents — the crusading King and Queen of Spain — have to find a new role for the widow. Ultimately, it is Katherine herself who takes control of her own life by telling the most audacious lie in English history, leading her to the very pinnacle of power in England.

Set in the rich beauty of Moorish Spain and the glamour of the Tudor court, The Constant Princess presents a woman whose constancy helps her endure betrayal, poverty, and despair, until the inevitable moment when she steps into the role she has prepared for all her life: Henry VIII’s Queen, Regent, and commander of the English army in their greatest victory against Scotland.


4 out of 5 stars

“This is me. This is my moment. This is my battle cry.”

I’m going to begin this review by saying that you should take my star rating with a grain of salt because this genre is not for everyone. Historical Fiction is now one of my favourite genres, even though I haven’t read much, because of its pacing, character development, and plot. This genre is not for everyone. It can be incredibly slow, assumes the reader has knowledge of actual historical events, and at times not much happens in terms of plot since its roots in actual historical events. If you’re the kind of reader that loves to just live in a world with the characters and are a fan of history then Philippa Gregory will be your new addiction.

The Constant Princess follows Kathrine of Aragon from her childhood days in war with her parents, Queen Isabella I of Castile and King Ferdinand II of Aragon, until she is shipped off to England to marry Arthur, the future King of England. This book follows her very tumultuous journey from princess to queen and all the choices and decisions she had to make along the way.

What makes The Constant Princess a unique story is Katherine herself. She was an incredible woman, made more incredible by the feats she was able to attain during her time in power. Her determination, will power, and belief in herself allowed her to accomplish almost impossible feats and made reading her story and perspective a joy to read.

Overall, The Constant Princess was the perfect book for me to read as my first venture into this new genre. If you enjoy slower paced books, history, and a kickass main character then The Constant Princess is the book for you.